Terms Leadership Coaching 

For the purpose of our agreement, the individual or organization paying for coaching services will be referred to as the Client. The individual receiving coaching will be referred to as Coachee.

Defined goals for the coaching relationship are to be determined by the Contracting Client, Coach, and Coachee.



When a professional Coach is employed by a Client to coach a Coachee, confidentiality by the Coach is essential. Coaching sessions are confidential. Discussions between the Coachee and Coach will not be shared with anyone without the knowledge, consent, and permission of the Coachee. The Coachee is not bound by confidentiality and may share the conversations of their sessions as he/she chooses. It is suggested by the Coach that the Coachee agrees to exchange information regarding the progress of the coaching sessions with the Client. The Coach recommends that Client, Coachee, and Coach meet or speak (every three months) or as needed to discuss goals agreed upon previously. The Coach/Coachee relationship is not privileged; a coach's records can be subpoenaed by local, state or federal laws.

Length of coaching engagement and sessions:

The suggested coaching relationship is a 6-12-month commitment. Our agreements include 2-4 coaching sessions upon package per month of 1-1.5 hours in duration. The first initial session will be 2- 2.5 hours in duration to review the assessment results with Coachee. Dates & times will be agreed upon by Coach and Coachee.

 Coaching Investment/Fees:

  • The coaching investment fee is per month, week upon package /Coachee which includes 2-4 online sessions per month (plus the first initial session of $450) with a minimum commitment of 4-6 months.

  • The coaching investment includes highly validated assessments /Insights Profile: DISC, Persolog, 360 Personality Profil.

  • There will be no additional charge for 5-10-minute calls between sessions between the Coachee and the Coach. The Coachee is encouraged to contact the

  • Coach by phone and/or to communicate by email between sessions at no additional charge.

  • Sessions can be rescheduled with at least 24-hour advance notice. The Coach reserves the right to charge for any session canceled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

Termination of the coaching relationship:

The client and/or Coachee may cancel at any time after the first 4/6 months or extended for a monthly membership. Your coaching subscription expires automatically after 4/6 months without any notice. Payment will be calculated and determined based on sessions coach and coachee have worked together and/or committed to meetings without a 24-hour cancellation notice. In the event of fees owed at the time of cancellation, payment of the balance of that calculation is due.

Coach's responsibilities:

  • To be present and available for all coaching sessions (in person or online)

  • To be unconditional in his support

  • To help each client accelerate their professional development

  • To be responsive to clients between scheduled sessions and return calls and emails

    at earliest availability

  • To offer clients a confidential arena to communicate freely about any topic

  • The client and Coach enter into the coaching relationship with the understanding that the Client and Coachee are responsible for creating their own decisions and results.

  • The coaching relationship is NOT psychological counseling, social work or psychotherapy of any kind.

 Payment Schedule:

  • Invoices for coaching fees will be paid as stated above in automatic payments as booked in the subscription in the Coaching Investment/Fees.

We want to find the best fit for your company, help your team or individual to have a smooth transition in the new Leadership Role or cultural environment.

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