Why LinkedIn is important!


LinkedIn is a professional networking site, and has come down a long way since its inception in 2002. Not understandably there are still professionals, who either are not present on LinkedIn or are not using it effectively.

The biggest misconception about LinkedIn is that, if you are actively looking for a job then only you should be active on LinkedIn.

Unlike an ordinary job portal site, where you make your profile, remain active and start getting calls for interviews – LinkedIn has a different way to make you stand out from other job-seekers.

This is how LinkedIn works?

Your LinkedIn profile includes information about your job profile, employer details, college details, skills, accomplishments basically everything which you put in your CV.

But here is the catch, LinkedIn uses all this information to make your profile visible or accessible to professionals, who share same details as yours like same skills or maybe same industry or maybe same college or company.

And once your profile is visible to others, you will start receiving invites for connection and in the same way, you will receive recommendations to connect with other people and thus you can start networking.

So completing your profile by including all the necessary details is important to network with other people from the same profession.

How is LinkedIn beneficial to you?

Career Planning:

Only connecting with people and then waiting is not gonna help you at all.

So how to get the most out of your networking?

Once you start connecting with people, you can go to their profile and get an understanding of how they have grown in their career or search for the company they are working for or can ask suggestions through messages.

Basically, you can research a lot and chart plan for your career. Like which company to target, or in which industry you should switch your career or what certification or training you should do at which phase of your career and many other things.

Another great way of connecting people on LinkedIn is by joining different groups and then connecting different professionals as per your career interest.

Job Search:

LinkedIn has always been a good tool for job search, especially if you want to target product based companies or companies working in niche sectors like German Companies in the US.

And now they have introduced a few more features to make your job search easier.

Such as now you can let the recruiter know that you are open to new opportunities. You can add your job-related preferences in the “career interest section”. Keywords are the Key on LinkedIn, we Headhunters are searching candidates based on Keywords you put in your profile.

You can search job on LinkedIn and LinkedIn also share job recommendations with you.

How LinkedIn suggest or share jobs with you again depends on your activities. It tracks your activities like which companies you are targeting, which industry you have more connection in, the kind of groups you have joined, which college you are from etc. So it is important to connect people on LinkedIn and also be active on it.

How to be active on LinkedIn and how to get the most out of it?

Make sure to complete 100% Profile summary clear and engage with people, make connections, ask for recommendations, publish posts, like and comment on other professional’s updates. Please create a custom URL to make your profile searchable and use LinkedIn analytics to check the audience of your profile and posts.

We want to find the best fit for your company, help your team or individual to have a smooth transition in the new Leadership Role or cultural environment.

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