8 Reasons Why Hiring An Executive Search Firm!

We provide years of headhunting experience, industry-specific expertise, expansive network of global talents, expertise in working and living in different countries and countless other benefits. We are called when a role is of supreme importance because hiring an exemplary executive can be the defining factor of a business’s success or failure. We are your partner because of our discretionary searches tailored to the unique needs of your company plus we are connected to the industry’s key players. The investment of working with us is quickly returned with an executive who masterfully drives your company initiatives to success.

Here are 8 reasons why working with us:

1.  The role requires a unique blend of skills

With the continuous evolution and specialization of companies across industries, executive positions are becoming more specific. Factors such as the organization’s industry, functions, language/culture and client base play into the desired qualities and experience of the ideal candidate. The specific combination of hard and soft skills that make up the ideal candidate for a position may seem impossible to find, but we thrive on the challenge of headhunting the professional who matches an exact skill set. We are able to source from a nationwide talent pool of active and passive candidates, locating executives who match the desired skills, experience, and personality type.

2. The role is brand new

If the search is for an executive role that is new at the organization or you are entering with your company the US market, those in charge of the hiring process internally may have limited knowledge of the role, its functions, and its qualifications. We are specializes in that field of expertise we will provide a clear definition of the role and what it takes to be successful. Also, we possess a network of accomplished executives holding that title or similar titles and can headhunt the ideal candidate based on your exact needs.

3. Replacing an underperforming executive

An unfortunate, yet common circumstance is that of finding a successor for underperforming executives before they are aware they are being replaced. We are specialize in conducting highly-confidential searches and earning the trust of succeeding candidates during confidential searches.

4. Need to headhunt from a direct competitor

Ideal candidates for executive roles should be familiar with the company’s functions and processes, so they often come from the same role at a similar company or a direct competitor. Only third-party search firms like us are able to effectively headhunt working executives on behalf of one of your competitors and headhunt from a larger talent pool.

5. Lacking internal successors

Leadership succession is a primary internal challenge for many organizations. If you do not have a qualified leader lined up to succeed in an executive’s role, that vacancy can leave a substantial negative impact on your organization. With our Leadership Development program we offer succession planning for organizations to be prepared, or quickly find a qualified successor to fill an unexpected vacant role.

6. Internal time and resources are limited

If conducted internally, a search for a senior executive is extremely time-consuming. Even if you have an internal recruiting team, internal recruiters work on many roles under a variety of job titles. A vacant executive role requires a full-time commitment from an executive search firm. Internal employees can remain focused and productive, and the role is filled faster with a highly qualified candidate when partnering with us as we are specialized in the role’s field of expertise.

7. Personal and company networks are exhausted

Executive recruiters like we are the most well-networked professionals in the industry. They continuously build relationships with the most qualified professionals in their field of expertise. Internal recruiters or hiring managers may find themselves at a loss when tapping into their personal and company connections, especially if the role is high-level and impactful. At this point, the most effective hire will be found currently employed in the same position at a competitor—we are specialized in contacting these highly qualified, passive candidates and offering them lucrative opportunities.

8. An ongoing executive search is taking too long

When an executive search is at a standstill and the vacancy is negatively impacting the workforce, it is time to contact us that we locating candidates for that role. With our network, time, and expertise, time to hire dramatically decreases.

This is what our clients have to say:

Kimberly Braun, HR Manager

"You made every effort to really listen to our needs, observe our organization, and deliver on what was promised."

Troy DeVlieger, President

"The communication and support that you provided through the process was excellent. The quality of the candidates that you submitted made our selection process painless."

Amy Hayes, HR Manager

"meetus@US have been critical in the success of our manufacturing facility expansion to the US. We rely on them for relocation service, local expertise, recruiting, interviewing, pre-employment screening and permanent placement." 

Bradley Larkan, Vice President

"The entire process with meetus@US team was friendly open and informative. They can be highly recommended."

Contact us today! +1 (980) 833 3440 or monique@meetus.us

We want to find the best fit for your company, help your team or individual to have a smooth transition in the new Leadership Role or cultural environment.

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