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Leaders aren't born - they're made.

One on one leadership coaching is for your high potential leaders who are moving your organization forward. Through a high touch service, leaders get the attention and personalized support they need to accelerate their goals.

Through leadership coaching, we work with you, your leader, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure accountability, transparency, and measure progress along the way.

Our coaching doesn’t end after a session. We are in constant communication with the leader and their boss to ensure everyone understands their role and feels involved in the process without breaking confidentiality.

What is Solution Focused Leadership Coaching?



This leadership development process offers a solution-focused, evidence-based methodology.

The solution-focused leadership approach simply and easily integrates into your existing management structure. The process supports leaders to increase employees’ decision-making and judgment. The process creates a culture of motivation, focusing on what is working and how to do more of it. Solution-focused leadership develops organizations, teams, and leaders into experts in what works.



The value in this method is that by focusing on what you want the solution to be as opposed to an emphasis on the problem, your time and focus is on developing action steps towards the solution. The problem is known and acknowledged, and the solution is found in examining what you know by assessing what resources you have. The need to solve your problems in your context and in learning how to improve continually.


While every leadership development process changes to meet your leaders where they are, the following areas of focus are meant to share what will be accomplished and developed.

  • Solution-Focused Leadership as Distinct from Traditional Leadership

  • Solution-Focused Goal Setting

  • Solution-Focused Leadership 1-on-1

  • Solution-Focused Coaching for Performance

  • Solution-Focused Team Leadership

  • Solution-Focused Delegation

  • Solution-Focused Performance Appraisal

  • Using Solution-Focused Leadership for Underperforming Employees

  • Solution-Focused Leadership in Action


  1. Enhanced problem-solving

  2. Problems solved quickly and solutions lasting for a longer duration

  3. The creation of shared solutions in line with the goals of the organization

  4. Enhanced decision making, judgment and solution-finding for leaders and employees

  5. Increased retention of talent and knowledge within the organization


Solution Focused    Leadership 



In these times of unprecedented turbulence, disruption and transformation, building and leading purposeful, healthy and high-performing organizations are challenging. This context calls for leaders to be equipped with additional resources and practices, both personal and systemic.

This 2-session a 90 Min module introduces the concept, practices, and capacities of systemic leadership – and our ‘whole self, whole systems’ approach – which energizes individuals, builds potent teams, and strengthens the system as a whole.

Our approach will enable you to get underneath and beyond the emergent dynamics and repeating patterns that are limiting you, your team, and/or your organization from realizing it’s full potential.  You will be able to look at your business with a ‘wide-angle lens’, to see what’s emerging in your organization and industry.


  • You need a tune-up, a minor adjustment, a tweak to what you're doing

  • You have one little thing that's niggling at you

  • Your confidence needs to be restored

  • You're ready for a raise, promotion/ more responsibility 

  • You want to learn more about the systemic leadership approach


Systemic Leadership Coaching 

4-months COMPACT  


While every leadership development process changes to meet the unique needs of an organization, the following areas of focus are meant to share what will be accomplished and developed using our Exponent Leadership Development Process.

This process contains 16 leadership development components (Setup Fee $450) All components can be fine-tuned and customized to meet your organization’s specific needs, incorporating your existing forms, formats, and language.

  • High-Performance Teams

  • Goal Setting and Time Span

  • Decision Making: Facts and Intuition

  • Planning: Creating a Future

  • Delegation

  • Managing Time: Managing Yourself

  • Communication

  • Managerial Problem-Solving

  • Leader as Coach

  • Coaching Peak Performance

  • Building the Capacity for Effectiveness

  • Coaching Underperformance

  • Managerial Authority: TimeSpan and Accountability

  • Hiring Talent and Time Span

  • Bringing Out the Best in People

  • Performance & Success Planning

Global Leadership Coaching

6-months INTENSIVE


You will work one-on-one with our Certified Systemic Leadership Coach to improve your leadership. These meetings start with identifying what goals you need to achieve and what goals others and you feel you need to achieve. Then, we identify your personal leadership needs, opportunities, improvements, strengths and what is already working well enough in your current role. We create a process that is built upon daily habits of increasing what is working and decreasing what is not working to achieve your goals in your global work environment. In addition to the 4-months compact programm (Set up Fee $450):

  • Increased awareness of intercultural behavioural patterns, strengths and skill gaps

  • Clear and achievable goals

  • Clear understanding of the dynamics of leading and managing in an intercultural context

  • Understanding of when and how to adapt your own style in global leadership environment 

  • Practical tools and models to improve your performance in global teams

  • Evaluation and development of your current style and behaviours

  • Prioritisation of your goals and objectives

  • Understanding your blockages and obstacles to your goals

  • Challenge to your current assumptions and tried and tested ways of working

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