meetus Global Executive Search - Recruiting 3.0

Steve Jobs 

meetus@US is a boutique executive search and leadership development company of German heritage. Our mission is to recruit the first and second management level or other key positions of the American subsidiaries of overseas based companies.

We recruit Key Leaders (CEOs, Presidents, General Managers, Business Development Manager, Finance, HR or other executives across all corporate functions) and their direct reports, evaluate existing teams, help with success planning and create successful teams from scratch in an intercultural environment. 

To select the right candidate is the most consequential decision the executives, owners and shareholders of the parent company can make. With our 25+ years experience in leadership development and working in over 4 continents we are committed helping them to make the correct hiring decisions.


We understand the positions are filled by people, top talents and the best leaders not resumes or CV's. 

The executive talent we find is one-of-a-kind. Our approach goes far beyond one screening or interview, we have a structured process and 25+ years of talent development and recruiting. 

We guarantee you 100% satisfaction and we stop only until you find your perfect talent. 

Flat rate means one price; one fee and all benefits are included. No hidden fees, no bad surprises. No investments for ads. Just one price for the best service.  

We want to find the best fit for your company, help your team or individual to have a smooth transition in the new Leadership Role or cultural environment.

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