Employees who have the skills to work effectively across cultures hold the key to success in global business. And, studies show that families who receive support during their international move are more likely to complete a successful assignment. As your company expands globally, meetus@US equips your employees and families with the tools they need to achieve your company’s objectives.


Core Cultural Training Programs

meetus@US engaging, interactive Intercultural Training encourages expatriates to build the knowledge and skills needed to ensure successful cultural integration — personally and professionally

The most successful assignees are those who put the time and effort into developing the required skills to thrive in their new host culture in both work and daily life.  Individually customized for assignees and their families, our Intercultural Skills for Global Success sample curriculum includes six main topics:

  1. Assignee motivations, goals and challenges

  2. Comparison of home and host cultures

  3. Developing skills for more effective intercultural communication

  4. Doing business in the host culture

  5. Daily life in the host culture

  6. Effective strategies for adaptation


Youth and Teen

Youth and teen intercultural training programs provide young expatriates a safe environment to learn about the new host culture at their own level and develop individualized plans for their lives abroad.

Young expatriates experience relocation from their own perspectives. Children and teens experience their own “roller coaster” of emotions, challenges, and excitement as they prepare to re-create their lives in a new host culture. 


Returning home is often more difficult than expatriating. The reintegration workshop is an opportunity for returning expatriates to develop strategies for re-establishing professional and personal paths that leverage the experience abroad.

The final step of a successful global assignment is reintegration back into the home culture and workplace. meetus@US intensive reintegration Leveraging Your Global Experience workshop is an opportunity to debrief the assignment using a structured framework. Returning expatriates also develop strategies for applying new knowledge and skills to their “new” personal and professional lives at home. [to further advance their career?]


Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural Coaching provides real-time support for expatriates and business travelers on the go. After an initial business briefing, follow-up sessions focus on developing strategies to address specific business goals.

Intercultural Coaching goes well beyond classroom learning and addresses the specific goals and challenges that expatriates or business travelers bring to the table. meetus@US Intercultural Business Coaches have deep business experience in their countries and the US. They provide knowledge and guidance and recommend strategies for developing stronger working relationships across cultures.




Cost of Living

Cultural Differences

The primary reason for the failure of an assignment  abroad and the pre-return of an employee

Building Cultural Bridges 

Cross-Cultural Training

We want to find the best fit for your company, help your team or individual to have a smooth transition in the new Leadership Role or cultural environment.

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