meetus - your professional start in the US

Grant Cardone

Market Entry Consulting & Business Development

Whether your company is a start-up, you are contemplating a merger or acquisition or you are increasing your business activities in the US, meetus@US is a valuable partner with a nation-wide network of specialist in many fields or industries. Starting a business in the imposing U.S. market is exciting but at the same time . German ideas and products are well-respected and in demand. However, if not acquainted with the particularities of this market, you risk a hard landing. A trusted partner is even more important when you cannot rely on your familiar local network.

We support your interests on site until the company structure is set-up with your own team of professionals. This saves avoidable travel expenses and valid time when mandatory work visas have not yet been approved.

We want to find the best fit for your company, help your team or individual to have a smooth transition in the new Leadership Role or cultural environment.

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